Want to work at Bella & Wren? 

Join a team of fun-loving ladies who have a passion for fashion. Our team seeks to provide a work environment that you'll want to come back to even on your days off. 

  • Sales Associate

    Would you classify yourself as a people person? Do you love making people feel welcome? We are looking for an individual to join our team who absolutely loves to connect with people, thrives in a fast paced environment and has a passion for fashion. 

  • Graphic Designer

    We're excited to announce we are looking for a talented graphic designer to join our team, full-time. Your role will involve creating both web and print assets for the store, meeting its branding criteria while working to develop it further with a team of creative people around you. You'll also be managing the visual aspect of the online store. That includes looking after the blog and lookbook! We're looking for a self-starter who is able to work in a team environment, create quickly and who wants to settle in and grow with the team.