Our Favourite Small Town

By Sandra Wiebe / July 12, 2018
Our Favourite Small Town

If you didn't already know, our store is located in the small town of Fort Langley, BC. It is your quintessential small town and film crews from around the world travel here to capture the feeling. Shows like ABC's hit Once Upon a Time and Netflix original, Riverdale to name a few. You've probably never heard of them.

But when Fort Langley isn't known as Storybrooke or Riverdale, its home to many amazing non-fictitious characters. It's a town of boutiques, architecture firms and wonderful creative companies that are making a splash.

And every Saturday morning there is a town market. A staple for us locals, but a big tourist attraction as well. We recently met up with our beautiful friend, Karlene to do a day at the market!

Here's a little taste of our favourite small town.



Maybe we'll run into you here sometime! It's worth the trip.



Bella & Wren

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