Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

By Anabel Blesch / February 04, 2019
Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

The countdown to Valentine’s Day is on! We are exactly a week away now and getting super excited. If you are looking for some gift ideas for your special someone or family and friends we’ve prepared a little list for you. These gifts will be sure to bring smiles and are guaranteed to be loved. Treat your loved ones this year with these special gifts. Scroll through and click the photo to shop!

1. Voluspa Macaron Candles- you can't go wrong with candles when it comes to gifting. These candles smell like roses which are perfectly themed and longer lasting than the real thing!

2. Bkind Pink Clay Face Mask- This is the perfect pampering gift for any of your loved ones. 

3. Smash & Tess Sweetheart Romper- Everyone's favourite! This is super comfortable and sure to be on everyone's wishlist. 

4. Vitamin A Romper- This is an adorable romper that all of your friends would want for their vacations.

5. Bkind Floral Hand Balm- This balm is a nice little gift that anyone can use day to day and will last for a long time- the gift that keeps on giving!

6. Bunhead Scrunchie- This is something that is probably on everyone's list! (can be shopped in stores).

7. Floraa and Fauna Essential Oil- These oils will pamper any of your favourite people. (All scents can be shopped in stores).

Good luck finding Valentine's gifts and we hope you get spoiled as well! Chat soon!


Bella & Wren

 Photos Via:

Floraa and Fauna

Smash & tess


Vitamin A Swim




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