Valentine's Day Date Ideas

By Anabel Blesch / February 06, 2019
Valentine's Day Date Ideas

Hi everyone!

We hope you’re having a great February! Can you believe Valentine’s Day is already a few days away? Maybe you already have fabulous plans for Thursday but if you’re like us and sometimes do things last minute, we’ve pulled some great date ideas you can do here in Vancouver!

1. Vancouver Hot Chocolate Festival

Chocolate is a top necessity for Valentine’s day but why not try it in a new and interesting way. There are tons of unique flavours you can walk around and enjoy with your special person. If you’re a chocolate lover we highly recommend this one.

2. Spa Day

Maybe you’ve had a stressful month and need to just unwind this Valentine’s day. We recommend doing research depending on your budget and availability but just search best spas in your area!

3. Galentines Night

Hang out with your favourite friends this year! Whether your single or miss your best friends, this is the perfect day to reconnect. Stay in and cook together or order from your favourite restaurants to avoid crowds and watch some great movies.

4. Cooking at Home with Dirty Apron

Pre-order one of their meal sets to make a delicious and romantic dinner at home with your loved one. Their meals and recipes are amazing and will make you feel like a professional chef.

5. Ice Skating in Robson Square

Robson square still has their ice rink open through February. This is an active and affordable way to do Valentine’s day. This is also a great first date idea as trying not to fall over with someone is a great ice breaker- (we hope you laughed at that one).

6. Romance Week at Vancouver Theatre Sports

Vancouver Theatre Sports hosts a fun week of romantically themed improv that will make your Valentine’s day fun and relaxed.

7. Vancouver Aquarium After Hours Dinner

You can explore the galleries with drinks and prepared food with after-hours themed chats about ocean life. A very different and fun date night to switch things up!


We hope everyone has a great Valentine’s Day this year and spends it with their favourite people. Chat soon!


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