Road Trip Packing Essentials

By Anabel Blesch / April 08, 2019
Road Trip Packing Essentials

If you’ve been keeping up with us you know we’ve been planning our dream getaway. We hope you’ve had the chance to explore the Desert Road Trip collection and were able to get excited about a little trip away.

We know how harsh travelling can be on your skin and body no matter where your destination is. No one is a fan of having bug bites, dry skin or being dehydrated while you’re trying to have a good time. We’ve curated our favourite items for travelling that are easy to pack and solve problems before they even happen. These items will take away the stress so you feel carefree during your time away. Click the photo to shop!

Refreshing is something hard to find in the desert or just with regular travel. Facial mists are not only on trend but also beneficial to cooling down and feeling cleansed. We love “Keep Going” from K’pure for its vibrant scent that can help eliminate that groggy feeling that occurs during travel.

If you’re spending your time away in the great outdoors, it’s inevitable you’ll run into some insects and other critters. We love “Stop Bugging” by K’pure as it is safe for the whole family to use with its natural ingredients. It absorbs slowly for a prolonged wear time without feeling greasy. 

As effective “Stop Bugging” is, you may walk away with one or two bites. We love Afterbite by Floraa and Fauna for its soothing sensation that reduces itching and inflammation. Afterbite also helps prevent infection with any cuts you may obtain while spending time outside.

Staying hydrated while you’re on the road is crucial and you’ll want to do it in style. The Rose Gold canteen by Corkcicle will keep your water cold and look adorable in your travel bag.

We all want to stay fresh and smell good even after spending hours in the car or plane. Natural deodorants are the way to go to for keeping your pores free from toxins. Get Closer is boot camp tested and will be sure to keep everything in check while you’re under the sun!

Have a great time away or even a nice night in if you're having a staycation! We can’t wait to chat with you in the next one!


Bella & Wren

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