Rina Samantha's Wishlist!

By Anabel Blesch / December 04, 2018
Rina Samantha's Wishlist!

Hey everyone!

We hope your search for holiday gifts is going well and you can see the light at the end of the tunnel. If you happen to still be searching for the perfect gift we are here to help. Rina Samantha, blogger and influencer, put together a wish list of her favourites and we've made it all ready to shop online. Look for the number of the item you like and click it below to shop! Check out Rina's blog "Gift Ideas For Christmas" for her favourite Bella & Wren items.

1) Sequin cushion, Indaba. $54

2) Prayer beads, Indaba. $14

3) Fuzzy slides, PJ Salvage. $68

4) Gilt Pomander & Hinoki glass candle, Voluspa. $24

5) Velvet heart ornament, Indaba. $18

6) Light up gold tree, Harman. $28

7) "Jingle All The Way" mug, Harman. $10

8) Snowflake cushion, Indaba. $88

9) Cable collection booties, PJ Salvage. $88

10) Crushin' It PJ set, PJ Salvage. $144

11) Soft blanket scarf, The Lemon Collections. $68

12) Hollie striped PJ set, Gentle Fawn. $124

13) Fluffy pom- pom cashmere toque. $48

14) Chunk knit throw, Indaba. $260

15) Star embroidered fluffy slides, PJ Salvage. $68

We hope this has given you some inspiration for your holiday shopping. If you're looking for even more gift ideas, check out our "Holiday Gift Guide" blog post. Feel free to stop by our store if you need any advice and we will be more than happy to help. We have festive decorations and plenty of fun holiday surprises so don't be shy and come in for a visit!


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