New Year, New Confidence

By Anabel Blesch / December 31, 2018
New Year, New Confidence

Happy New Year!

The best is yet to come! It's almost a guarantee that you’ve seen a few articles or blogs already that are based on the premise of becoming a “new you” in the new year. Encouraging confidence is great but we want it to be at your speed and not feel like a must because of what the calender says. We don’t think you need to change anything about yourself to handle the looming New Year. A common thread in our fashion blog posts (no pun intended) is that we strongly believe in helping other women feel confident in who they are without having to change because of outside influences.

Kellie Inglis, Bella Babe and creator of Soul Restyled, came for a visit and picked out some gorgeous outfits. She used these looks in her most recent blog “Can A New Style Really Build Self- Confidence”. She details all the ways you can improve your confidence through fashion and beauty while still remaining true to who you are. If you want some in detail style tips go check out her blog! We are going to run through our top 4 favourite tips that inspire confidence without having to change who you are this year!

1. Find pieces that feel like you! This may seem like a lot to ask if you’re unsure of what styles are really “you”. The best way to figure it out is by taking some time to explore stores and see what jumps out at you. In Kellie’s blog she points out to shop locally. If malls scare you as much as they scare us make a stop in some smaller boutiques where you will find a refined collection of unique pieces that feel like your style. Here Kellie is wearing a blouse by Equipment that is the perfect example of finding a print that feels special and will stand out in a good way.

2. Colour isn’t as scary as it seems. We don’t know who decided colour was bad or when it happened but when you look around everyone seems to be in black and grey (we know we are guilty too). We try to keep Bella & Wren filled with colourful options because we know what a huge difference finding your perfect shade can make. Experiment with different shades in the fitting room until you find ones that flatter you the best. Kellie is seen here rocking a pink coat by Soaked in Luxury that brings out her pretty rosy tones.

3. Find your fit. We are all guilty of wearing things that are too oversized which can be cute but shouldn’t be used as a tool to hide away because you are too beautiful to hide! Things with a flattering neckline that just shy away from the body look great on everyone. This velvet, blue top by Gentle Fawn is the perfect example.

A good pair of denim that fits your shape well is something we can't recommend enough. This pair by Mos Mosh flatters Kellie's shape and will go with every outfit.

4. Hello comfort my old friend. Comfort seems to be a dirty word in fashion but we believe it is the opposite. If you’re not comfortable, it will feel impossible to be confident. Things like a sneaky elastic waist in the back of trousers like the ones Kellie models by Melissa Nepton, will be game changers.

Look for softer fabrics that you feel at ease in throughout the day like this sweater by Gentle Fawn that looks classy but feels like pajamas.

We hope in the New Year you feel at ease in who are and move at your own pace. We believe you are great as you are and these tips are just to help you step into the confidence you already have hidden away. All the pieces can be shopped in stores at Bella & Wren and we’d love to help out with any fashion questions you may have. Go take on 2019, you've got this!


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