How To Shop For A Capsule Closet

By Anabel Blesch / January 15, 2019
How To Shop For A Capsule Closet

A Capsule wardrobe. What even is it and why is it important? A capsule closet or wardrobe is a refined selection of clothing that doesn’t go out of style. Each of those pieces can be enhanced or made more versatile with seasonal items and colours. The purpose of having a capsule closet is to make your life simpler and make fashion something you value everyday.

Now that you have detoxed your closet (if you read our last blog post) you have the space for a new collection that you truly love. Hopefully with these tips you won’t have any more of those “I don’t have anything to wear” moments even when you have an overflowing closet. Hopefully everything you own will make you feel good and confident. Feel free to come to Bella & Wren where our stylists will help with fit, colours and any other style questions you may have. Keep reading for our tips on how to shop for your very own capsule wardrobe!

1. Shop local! Opposed to shopping at larger retailers where there is an abundance of lesser quality items, go to smaller boutiques around you. You are more likely to find items that are unique and will last many years. When you stop spending your money on fast fashion you can invest in bigger ticketed items that will be a great value for years. Quality over quantity.

2. Only shop once a season. If you live in the area we are super lucky to experience four distinct seasons. So for Winter, Spring, Summer and Fall buy the pieces you need to make all of your outfits work for the weather.

3. Start with shoes. We find that if you pick which shoes you’ll need for each season it’ll be much easier to find the corresponding outfits. Pick one casual, fancy and workwear- you can expand from three but those most likely are the categories most of us need.

4. Plan your shopping trips! When you plan you’re less likely to get extra items you don’t need and you will save money. A few weeks ahead of the season start to make a list of what you need and plot out several different outfits that will work for the coming months- this way you can avoid the stress and go straight for what you need.

5. Create a colour scheme. Pick colours that flatter your skin tone and make you happy. Find like colours within those shades that will be cohesive on the day to day. This way everything in your closet will blend nicely.

6. Tailor (almost) everything. If something doesn’t fit you are most likely not going to wear it. Tailoring things like your trousers, coats, blouses and even denim will make it so you have pieces that are perfect for you and will look good with any outfit.

These are our tips for making your shopping trips easier and help you build your way to an effortless capsule wardrobe. Stop by the store and we will help with anything you need whether it’s starting from scratch or finding a few versatile pieces. We will talk to you soon in the next blog post!


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