Gentle Fawn x Bella & Wren Event

By Anabel Blesch / October 17, 2018
Gentle Fawn x Bella & Wren Event

Hello Beautiful!

This past Friday we hosted an event with the brand, Gentle Fawn. So many of you came out and we hope you had a lovely time like we did! We had great food courtesy of Wendell’s and Hugo’s churros. Floralista was so kind to make us some gorgeous bouquets to give away to our first ten Gentle Fawn Customers. The new Gentle Fawn product flew off the racks and was a big hit. It was a great night with plenty of fun, little surprises! We got a chance to speak to some of our guests so we’re going to tell you all about the night through the eyes of our Bella Babes.

We wanted to hear a little about our guests prior experience with Gentle Fawn and some of the women we asked ranged from being an avid shopper to never hearing of them until now! Yvonne, a seasoned Gentle Fawn customer, said “I’ve shopped at Bella & Wren a lot so I’ve shopped Gentle Fawn before. I have a few of their pieces at home, I really enjoy the reasonable prices for quality and stylish pieces”. Another one of our guests, Marie had never shopped Gentle Fawn before but said “It was a good surprise! I got something already and going to try another thing now” and when asked if she would come back again to see more of their coming collections her response was “absolutely!”.

Another guest, blogger and one half of Sugar Plum Sisters, Laurel Edwards, was asked if she had heard of the brand and she said “I have. I remember I found a gentle fawn, maxi dress probably 4 years ago, so that was my first piece I ever bought and I loved it. I was curious about the brand and whenever I came to Bella & Wren you always carried their stuff and I stayed interested.” Laurel also pointed out “A lot of the pieces can be worn be my age or her age” (gesturing to her teenage daughter, Melina, who had a good fashion find at the event as well).

As soon as people started to arrive, the super soft sweaters were one of the first things everyone gravitated towards (we did too). The turtle necks and cardigans were the first to go. “I love all the sweaters, they’re all so soft and are the perfect colours for Fall” as stated by the gorgeous Real Estate and Fashion influencer, Gina Bourne. Gina said she has heard of Gentle Fawn before; however “This is my first time seeing it in person. It is definitely my style. I love all the jackets and some of the blouses would be great for work”.

Laurel Edwards said ‘“The two sweaters I bought were my favourite. I’m a layering person so for Fall and Winter I will be wearing them over button downs and under my lighter coats”. We could go on and on about how crazy soft these sweaters are and how they are perfect shape and style!

All of our Bella Babes and guests of the event have different styles and interests which makes it so exciting! We were curious to see how each of them would style some of the new collection and make it their own. Aurélia Cerquozzi, the cool stylist and blogger, said “I do love their collection, not everything is always my style but they definitely have quite a few things that pop out to me and I love it”. When we asked Aurélia how she would style the new collection she said “I think it depends on what piece but basically I would probably choose one that's a little bit out of the ordinary and just throw it with some of my rugged stuff or jazz it up in my kind of style”. We like to hear the perspective from someone who isn’t the traditional Gentle Fawn shopper and what they would do to make the pieces blend in their wardrobe.

Sugar Plum Sister, Laurel Edwards, said she would take her new Gentle Fawn camel coat and “layer it up no problem with all my sweaters” and “my new mustard cardigan is a different colour for me but it would be fun to wear it with all of my neutrals”. Laurel’s daughter, Melina Edwards, said she would take her own new Gentle Fawn coat and pair it with jeans “light or dark and I can even dress it up”. It is always cool to learn how different people take their spin on the same collection.

We had so much fun this past Friday and hope to get to know more of you at future events! Let us know in the comments if you’ve seen the new Gentle Fawn Fall collection and what your favourite piece is! Thank you to everyone who came to our event and everyone who helped out to make it the beautiful night it was.


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