Galentine's Day

By Anabel Blesch / February 08, 2019
Galentine's Day

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

We hope today you’re feeling the love from not only your favourite people but from yourself as well. Maybe tonight you have date plans or maybe you’re rolling solo. If you plan on hanging out with your girls tonight or this weekend for “Galentine’s Day”. We have some great, festive ways to spend your night. Keep reading for Galentine’s Day themed parties!

Cook together! Find a recipe online that you’re all interested in and combine your efforts to execute it. Its possible things will get hectic but that’s part of the fun, right?

Potluck Desserts! Everyone can bring their best dessert recipe and you all can go a little sugar crazy trying them all. Dessert is a given for Valentine’s related events so why not try them all!

Have a movie marathon! Everyone pitch their favourite movie and vote on the top 3 to watch. This way more people are happy and you can experience each other’s favourites.

Get all dressed up and go out! There’s no reason you have to stay in just because you’re spending the day with your pals. Grab some drinks and appetizers and catch up.

Have a painting/ crafts night! Find some Pinterest inspiration for cool crafts or painting ideas. You can all go out to the craft store together to get supplies which makes the night even more fun.

At home spa day! Find some face masks, nail ideas and even hair masks to do together. Everyone can just lounge out and relax. Put on a movie or T.V. show and get some snacks while your masks do their magic.

Have a great Galentine’s Day! Leave comments about your plans for today and this weekend, we’d love to hear! Chat in the next one.


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