Essential Items For A Capsule Closet

By Anabel Blesch / January 18, 2019
Essential Items For A Capsule Closet

Creating a capsule closet may be uncharted waters for you- like it was fot us. It can be a shot in the dark guessing which necessities you’ll need for each season. If you’ve been following our blog posts, we’ve discussed how to detox your closet and shopping tips for a minimalist wardrobe. We hope it's sparked some inspiration to downsize and start fresh. In this one we will be detailing which classic pieces you’ll need to build your day to day outfits!

Start from the bottom up. Begin with the three basic categories of shoes- casual, fancy and workwear. Depending on how large you’d like your collection to be, we believe great options to start with are a pair of plain sneakers/ tennis shoes, flats, boots and a pair of heels. Pick neutral tones in your shoes so they blend with multiple shades of denim and seasonal colours.

Get your basics- t-shirts, button ups and basic sweaters will be the perfect building blocks for most outfits you put together. A plain white or black t-shirt can go under any jacket or coat and is one of the most versatile pieces you can own. We recommend getting a couple that you can switch between throughout the week.

Keep it buttoned up. A white button up blouse is a classic that works for everyone. You can wear it under sweaters or on its own for a very professional look. A great grabbing lunch outfit is pairing a white button up with your favourite blue denim.

Stay layered up with some soft versatile sweaters. In the colder seasons having a few neutral tone sweaters will pair well with all of your denim and skirts.

Denim, denim, denim. We all know by now how important it is to have jeans that fit you well and are comfortable to be in all day. The styles we believe are the most essential to round out a wardrobe are black, classic blue and a more casual boyfriend style. Black can be worn for dressing up and looking more professional. Classic blue are perfect for the everyday outings and can be dressed up with a different shoe. A “boyfriend” or “mom” jeans depending on your preference are great for your casual days when you want to be trendy and comfortable.

 Keep it light. For those warm summer days you need less than you think you do. Find a pair of versatile and comfortable sandals and a few dresses and rompers that you can throw on everyday.

The last layer. Outerwear is big part of your overall style when you live here in B.C.. For Fall and Winter it’s best to have one practical coat that’s more on the casual side and one wool/ tailored coat that can be worn day to day but has the ability to be dressed up.

For Spring and Summer you can play around with more style- a denim jacket is versatile and always elevates whatever you’re wearing.

We hope after the past three blog posts you feel well equipped to start a new minimalist lifestyle and take away any added stress your wardrobe was adding. Stop by Bella & Wren to meet one of our stylists who can help you create a capsule wardrobe and make you feel taken care of. Feel free to leave any tips, questions or thoughts down below in the comments!


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