Detox Your Closet

By Anabel Blesch / January 07, 2019
Detox Your Closet

Hey everyone! 

As we step into the New Year we crave feeling renewed and rid of anything that felt restraining in the previous year. In our last blog post “New Year, New Confidence” we talked about how to find confidence through small changes in your wardrobe. Doing those steps can feel stressful if you’re starting off with a cluttered closet. We’ve broken down 5 steps on how to declutter your wardrobe and make room for only the things you need. Trust us, less is more.

Step 1: Find the easy goodbyes first. Things that itch, don’t fit and are damaged can go far, far away. Sort these items between quality and bin ready. The pieces that are still in good shape but don’t work for you can be donated or consigned. Just do a quick search of donation centres in your area and make a plan to drop off your things.

Step 2: Create the “Maybe” and “Keep” piles. Take what's left of your wearable pieces and create a pile of things you are unsure about and a pile of things you are positive about. A great way to know if something is worth keeping is by asking yourself if it brings you joy. Hold on to the things you wear frequently and with multiple outfits. When if you come across something you never wear and keep for that “just in case” moment or a piece you hold onto in hopes that it will eventually fit- it's time to say goodbye. You will benefit more by making room for pieces you actually wear and that fit you perfectly.

*Bella Tip* Try all of your ‘maybes’ on- seeing how things fit can help the decisions go by quicker.

Step 3: Seeing double? If you happen to have multiples of a style that you like but only really have use for one you should go through and pick your favourite and get rid of the rest. There’s no use in having slight variations of the same product if you’re trying to downsize your closet.

Step 4: Get organized. Once you’ve narrowed down your favourites we advise re- organizing the closet itself. Make everything visible and easy to access so you don’t forget about certain pieces and repurchase a similar version a few months later. Keep like items together and try to hang as much as you can for visibility. Having a clean space helps you value the things you own and treat them well so they last you for years.

Step 5: Change the way you shop. Shopping from here on out should only be for things that serve a purpose in your war.drobe. Always buy things that fit well and inspire confidence within yourself. Once you’ve eliminated the things that don’t matter you will have room in your closet to buy quality, lifelong pieces. Instead of buying items at a lesser value that you won’t wear you can put your money towards more valuable pieces that feel special. 

We wish you luck as you cleanse your wardrobe and hope it brings you a sense of calm. Check back in soon for our blog post detailing the next steps on how to build a capsule closet. Let us know if you have any declutter tips or questions in the comments below. Happy organizing!


Bella & Wren

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