Bella & Wren Home Grand Re-Opening

By Anabel Blesch / October 01, 2018
Bella & Wren Home Grand Re-Opening

We have some exciting news for all of you Bella Babes! Our previous coffee shop, Unit 4, is closing and we are opening a new home store in its place! It can be sad to let go of one thing to embrace something new but we are so excited about this new venture and we know you will be too. We appreciate all of your support every step of the way throughout our business growing.  Those of you that have been encouraging us from the beginning and still do, thank you. 

The current location of Unit 4 is under construction and closed temporarily for all the changes. It will open up again soon as Bella & Wren Home and be remodelled for our new vision. 

Our goal is to make a space that is the embodiment of comfort and for you to feel cozy as soon as you step in. We want to create an area of luxury and calmness. We plan to embody the essence of hygge, the quality of comfort that inspires a feeling of well- being and contentment which is a defining Characteristic of Danish Culture. We hope when you visit the new store you experience the atmosphere and feel instantly at peace.

Make sure to keep yourself updated on our social media as well as the website for information on the official opening of our Home Store. We really are so thrilled and can't wait to see all of you enjoy our new space! Thank you so much again for supporting us and we are happy to have you with us on this new endeavour!


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