Meet #bellababe Karen Johnson, Owner of k'pure naturals

By Vanessa Voth / October 16, 2018
Meet #bellababe Karen Johnson, Owner of k'pure naturals

It’s no wonder k’pure naturals is a favourite beauty product among so many of our customers. Known of its high quality, natural ingredients products, K’pure has become a staple item in many of our beauty routines.

Karen Johnson fell into the business somewhat by accident, when she realized she needed to rethink the products she was using on her skin because of her son’s extreme eczema. After learning that the deodorant she was wearing was filled with aluminum, and was entering her breastmilk ;therefore her son was consuming it, she knew she needed to find an alternative.

Previously, Karen was a personal trainer and owner of her own gym. She started selling her products at her gym. Within a short time, her products were flying off the shelves and Karen made the decision to leave the fitness business and pursue K’pure nNturals full time.

Her deodorant, Get Closer, is one of the top selling deodorants in the beauty industry and is a customer fave at Bella & Wren! It comes in regular, Lavender and Vanilla, as well as baking soda free. If you haven’t made the switch to natural deodorant yet, Get Closer is a great choice for you to make the switch with!

We’ve loved getting to know Karen over the last many months and wanted to share a bit more about her with you!

BW: When did you start k'pure naturals?   

KJ: I started making my own deodorant in 2010 when aluminum and parabens were found in my baby's body, due to the toxins from the products I was using entering my breastmilk and then he was ingesting them.  In 2015 I was making products for my gym clients as they were looking for natural products they could use safely in their homes.

BW: What's your "why"?  

KJ: 100% my kids.  I love the freedom of time I have with k'pure, that let's me spend as much free time with my kids as possible.  

BW: How do you balance work and motherhood?  

KJ: I don't really think there's such thing as true balance, but I try to be in the present moment with whatever I'm doing.  So if it's family time, I try to stay away from my computer and phone. Work time is usually when the kids are sleeping or at school.

BW: What's your favourite summer activity?  

KJ: Surfing and water skiing!

BW: If someone were to make a movie of your life, which actress would you want to play you?  

KJ: People used to call me "Phoebe" from Friends, so I guess it would have to be Lisa Kudrow ;)

Feel free to browse our website to see the other K’pure products we carry and shop the collection from the comfort of your home!


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