Meet #bellababe Carla Hogg, Co-owner of Gentle Fawn

By Vanessa Voth / October 25, 2018
Meet #bellababe Carla Hogg, Co-owner of Gentle Fawn

Vancouver is a city where talent and creativity abound. The mountains and landscapes; the distinct change of seasons; the art and culture: there is inspiration all around us. The constant inspiration has made the city a home to so many amazing brands and companies.

Gentle Fawn, a brand we always carry in stores, is one of those brands that sourced inspiration from the city around them. Husband and wife, Danny and Carla Hogg, started their women’s fashion line in 2003. Their pieces are sold across North America and the brand is a favourite for many of our customers. With handmade textiles and high quality fabrics, Gentle Fawn’s versatile pieces are the perfect balance of style and comfort. 

Many of you attended our event with Gentle Fawn a few weeks ago and we’re so glad you made it out! We had such a great time with everyone, and were thrilled to host a party for a company we love!

We asked Carla Hogg a few questions to get to know her better and a bit more about their company:

BW: When did you start Gentle Fawn? What inspired you? How did you decide on the name?   

CH: My husband ,Danny (co-founder and creative director) and I started Gentle Fawn in 2003 when we noticed a gap in the industry. There were streetwear brands and edgy fashion brands, but nothing in-between.  Gentle Fawn is celebrating our 15th anniversary this year, and we couldn’t be prouder of how the brand has evolved!

Funny story on the name. Danny and I have always been into antique shopping, mostly mid-century modern era. One day we came across an antique ceramic fawn, and were inspired to name the company after all things that we felt a fawn represents: an understated feminine beauty. It also paired our love for the colour ‘fawn’ — a rose-taupe colour, which you’ll notice is often a core neutral in our collections.


BW: What's your "why”?   

CH: To create pieces that our customer feels stylish, confident and comfortable in. We’re those ‘go-to’s in her closet that are effortless; taking our customers from day to night and everything in between.


BW: What do you love most about your work?

CH: Fashion is such a creative outlet for me, and I love that we are always pushing ourselves to make each collection better than the last. What is even more rewarding is seeing women out and about wearing our pieces.


BW: How do you balance work/home/social life?

CH: Being present! Danny and I are all business when we're at the office, and soak up every moment with our two daughters outside of that. I have a vision for all areas of my life - knowing the bigger picture keeps me focused on what’s important.


BW: What advice would you give to another woman who is wanting to pursue her dream and start her own business?

CH: The world needs more women in business. Create a vision, understand your purpose, and work hard. If you can dream it, you can do it!


BW: What's your favourite autumn activity?

CH: Hiking! Crisp air is such a great way to refresh / re-energize. We live in such a beautiful part of the world, and I try to get out & explore as much as I can.


BW: If someone were to make a movie of your life, which actress would you want to play you?

CH: Jennifer Aniston, 100%.

You can shop our selection of Gentle Fawn pieces in store and online.

Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great rest of your week!


Bella &Wren

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